Australian Nanotechnology Alliance

Board of Directors


Ian Gentle Professor Ian Gentle

Vice Chairman

Aidan Dargan Aidan Dargan
Research Task Leader
Boeing Research and Technology

Aidan Dargan is currently a Research Task Leader for Boeing Research and Technology - Australia, the local operations of Boeing's advanced R&D labs. He has been working with Boeing for over 8 years in military aerospace research, maintenance support of the F-111 and project management. Prior to this he was a power plant engineer at Qantas Airways working on maintenance and overhaul of large commercial aircraft engines, and previously completed a cadetship at BHP Research, researching coated steels and corrosion prevention. Aidan has a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science from UTS, a Master of Engineering Science in Aerospace from UNSW, a Graduate Diploma in Project Management from UQ, and is currently undertaking a Master of Applied Science (by Research) at QUT, studying battery technologies for electric vehicles. He has been a member of the ANA board for 1 year.


John Bell Prof. John Bell
Assistant Dean (Research)
Queensland University of Technology

Professor Bell has worked for nearly 20 years on thin film materials, with research on materials for energy efficiency in buildings, solar cells, sensors and hard coatings. His work on dye-senstisied solar cells has focused on modification of the nanostructured titania by ion implantation and also modeling of the charge transport process in DSC. More recently he has focused research on the extraction of power form DSC and other PV systems, leading the development of a consortium focused on integration of solar energy systems into the energy network. He has also worked on hydrogen production using two methods, including photocatalytic hydrogen production. He holds a Queensland Government Smart Futures Fellowship.

He was a Program Leader in the Australian CRC for Renewable Energy (1996-2001) and the CRC for Construction Innovation (2002-2004), focusing on the impacts of energy efficient technology in buildings. He has served on the Board of the Sustainable Energy Industry Association (1999-2002), including serving as the Queensland Branch Chair in 2003, and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (2003), and the IEAust Task Force on Energy in Construction. He was a member of the Energex earthsChoice (greenpower) Advisory Panel and has significant experience. He has facilitated industry workshops for the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Professor Bell is the Assistant Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering at Queensland University of Technology.


Isaac Spedding Isaac Spedding
Acme Nano Products

Isaac Spedding is a director at Acme Nano Products with over 10 years experience in engineering and manufacturing and over 5 years experience in commercial research and development with nanomaterials. Acme Nano Products supplies high purity nanoclays and collaborates with several industry leaders providing product and support. As a foundation member of the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance, Isaac was appointed to the board in early 2010 and is now acting as Secretary.


Carla Gerbo Carla Gerbo
University of New South Wales

Carla Gerbo is the Manager for the Australian Centre for Nanomedicine (ACN) based at the University of New South Wales. ACN was established in April 2011 with links to UNSW Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science, plus the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, and the Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD).
ACN brings together stakeholders from the diverse areas involved in NanoMedicine including materials science, engineering, biotechnology, medical and clinical research, electronics through to sensors with the outcome being better medical devices, imaging, medical applications, drug delivery and regeneration.

Carla is a foundation Director of Australia’s peak nanotechnology organisation, the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance (ANA) which is an industry-led, research supported alliance comprising organisations that underpin Australia's current and future economic growth in diverse industry sectors. From 2008 to late 2010 she was the Chief Executive of this organisation which grew the relationships between the industry, research and government stakeholder groups.

Between mid 2008 and the end of 2010 Carla was the National Co-ordinator of Future Materials, a research institution-based network, that connects researchers and industry in the field of advanced materials technology. It provides an independent service for industry creating a one stop shop for materials technology. The common thread between Carla’s roles is the development of strategic alliances between research organisations, and industry focus. Through utilising open innovation principles the focus is economic development utilising new and advanced materials.

Prior to her roles with the ANA and Future Materials, Carla ran her own business development consultancy tailored to emerging technology companies. In her earlier career she worked for 15 years as a senior business economist working for a major peak industry body.

Peter Kambouris Dr Peter Kambouris
Business Analyst
Emerging Technologies, CSIRO Exploration and Mining

Stewart McGlashan Stewart McGlashan

Stewart is an experienced professional having operated within the environment, energy and material science and technologies fields and recently as Managing Director of an emerging multinational. He specialises in business and strategy development and facilitation services for expert panels and boards and has a passion for emerging technology innovation and development. His unique skill set exposes him to often challenging projects involving emissions trading, clean energy and the agri-business sector. Stewart has been actively involved in the nanotechnology sector for a decade as an inventor and investment and business manager.

Andrew Dark Andrew Dark

Andrew is a Registered Patent Attorney with over 20 years experience in the intellectual property field. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with major studies in metallurgy and mineral chemistry. In his role as a patent attorney, he has worked with research groups, universities, SME’s and multinational companies protecting IP in the fields of material science, nanotechnology and industrial chemistry, including biofuels, petrochemistry, film technology and polymer chemistry.

Andrew has served as a Committee member on the Asian Patent Practice Committee for the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) in the United States, during which time the Committee was involved in making submissions to various Asian governments on the implementation of new patent laws in their countries. He has presented widely on the Australian Patent system and is Manager of the Australian Patents Forum on the popular business networking site, LinkedIn.

Currently, Andrew is Special Counsel with the Australian patent and trade marks attorney firm of Fisher Adams Kelly.