Australian Nanotechnology Alliance

Invitation to Japan Nano Tech 2007

Posted on Tuesday, 5th December, 2006 at 2:36am

Nano Tech 2007

Australian companies and research institutes seeking to partner, collaborate and export their technology into the dynamic international micro and nanotechnology market are invited to participate in an Australian delegation to nano tech Japan 2007.

This year, Australian micro and nano capabilities will be showcased by an Australian Pavilion under the Brand Australia banner, supported by the Australian Nano Business Forum, Invest Australia and Austrade. With compelling cost advantages, process efficiencies, and high added value, companies are increasingly integrating nanotechnology solutions into hundreds of billions of dollars worth of products worldwide. It is vital Australian companies involved in product development, manufacturing and commerce become involved. nano tech Japan is the world's largest nanotechnology exhibition and conference attracting over 40,000 international delegates and 800 exhibitors and the best place to explore commercial opportunities in the international nano-enabled product market.

pdfFor More information, see the invitation document.